Local Business Rewards

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Grow your business


A Rewarding Solution

For Your Business

It's not another loyalty program, it's a community program designed to reward customers for shopping at local businesses just like yours.

earn points per dollar at any local business

Why Join Locify?

Easy to Setup

Getting started is so easy, it only takes a few minutes.

Business Growth

Proven to increase frequency and transaction sizes for businesses.

Easy to Use

It takes just a few seconds for each transaction. Yes, really!

Be Discovered

Instantly get in front of a growing community of local shoppers.

Customer Growth

Retain your existing customers while acquiring new customers.

No Loyalty Cards

No more loyalty cards means no more waste and clutter.

Start Your 30-Day

Local businesses are already seeing the benefits and we believe that you will too. Start your no-obligation 30 day free trial today.

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Harness the Power

of Community

Locify lets you experience all the benefits of having your own program, while enjoying the power of being part of something much bigger.

Integrated with Kounta

As our preferred partner, Kounta is a smart and flexible cloud-based POS solution for any local business. From managing inventory to intuitive reporting, Kounta helps you manage and scale your business easily.


Local businesses who already love Locify

Integrating Locify with my POS has been so simple. Whether adding customers or redeeming points it is all super easy to navigate.

Duo West End

Duo West End

Locify has made it so quick and easy for our customers to enjoy cafe rewards and benefits. So simple to sign up and no need to carry around a card to be stamped every time. We are very happy with this reward system.

Cafe Diversity

Cafe Diversity

I would highly recommend Locify as the 1st choice to anybody in the hospitality industry and to anybody else looking to use customer loyalty programs.

Mocha Monkees

Mocha Monkees




Frequently Asked Questions

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